Current Programme

Please always check this online schedule or our Facebook page before setting out in case any last-minute change of tutor occurs and check the other pages for further information regarding the Cambridge Jazz Coop if you haven’t been along before! Newcomers, guests and visitors welcome; see About Us and FAQ for more details.

All the activities take place on a Saturday at the Meadows Community Centre and are from 11.00am until 2.00pm unless otherwise indicated. See here for more details on how to find us.

Click on the icon in the listings below to view what the tutor did previously at the jazz coop.

September 2017
2 Gareth Lockrane: flautist extraordinaire
9 Alan Barnes: superb saxophonist and great teacher.
16 Dave O’Higgins: peerless saxophone
23 Roger Beaujolais: Top improvisation tips from this master vibraphonist
30 Mick Foster: solid jazz advice from this baritone and bass saxophonist
October 2017
7 Alex Hutton: top tips and harmonic suggestions from a brilliant pianist
14 Matt Anderson: subtle tenor sax and improvisational advice
21 Paul Jayasinha: intelligent trumpetings
28 Vasilis Xenopoulos: superb hard-bop tenor sax (stepping in for Ross Stanley)
November 2017
4 Buster Birch: Excellent jazz educator and drummer; a great communicator
11 Raph Clarkson: NEW! Trombonist and leader of ‘The Dissolute Society’.
18 Go to the Cambridge International Jazz Festival website for information regarding their workshops:

25 Choose from the many Cambridge International Jazz Festival workshops! (see above)
December 2017
2 NEW! Simon Allen: Top saxophonist
9 Jamie Leeming: Excellent teaching from this guitarist
16 TBC
23 No Session.
30 No Session.
January 2018
W6 Alan Barnes: A speedy return for this superb saxophonist.
13 Mike Gorman: Superb keyboarding and harmonic tips
20 Vijay Prakash: trombonings
27 Pete Lemer: wonderful pianist

February 2018

3 Sam Miles: Local sax genius
10 Jim Rattigan: French hornings
17 Sam Bullard: saxings
24 Mick Foster: superb teaching from this baritone and bass saxophonist
March 2018
3 Vasilis Xenopoulos: superb hard-bop tenor sax
10 Martin Hathaway: Excellent teaching from former head of Guildhall jazz department
17 Paul Jayasinha: intelligent trumpetings
24 Ross Stanley: Eagerly anticipated  return for the amazing pianist/keyboardist
31 EASTER: NO Session

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