Welcome to the Cambridge Jazz Co-op

If you don’t make mistakes you’re not really trying..

— Coleman Hawkins

The Cambridge Jazz Co-op is an informal group of keen, local jazz musicians that meet on Saturday mornings in Cambridge, England to play under the guidance and tuition of professional/prestigious jazz tutors/performers.

We currently meet at the William Collyn Community Centre. Click here for directions.

The Cambridge Jazz Coop is planning to  resume sometime in October 2021 possibly at a new venue and a new start time.

Morning Sessions: Saturdays only, 11am start

Although each Saturday morning session can vary, typically the visiting tutor will supply the Jazz Co-op with a couple of compositions to play through. The compositions themselves can be jazz standards but can also be compositions penned by the tutors themselves. The pieces are then performed by the Jazz Co-op with the group often playing the main theme together, followed by each of the attendees taking a solo over the form supported by the rhythm section.

To get more of an idea of what happens check our blog reports on previous Saturday  morning sessions here.

Jazz Co-op members are free to attend sessions (or not) and so the composition of the group varies from week to week, but in general there are usually about 10-15 members from which a rhythm section and a front line is formed.

There is no pressure on any individual to either play the theme or take a solo – it is up to the confidence of the player concerned. The point about taking a solo is not to impress the rest of the members, but to improve one’s performance and, depending on your level, get more comfortable playing in a group situation.

Each session starts at 11:00 am and finishes at 1:30 pm with a break at about 12:30 pm, for around 15-20 minutes. You are free to leave earlier, if you wish.

Each session is £17.00 for over 2 hours tuition and advice from some of the very best pro jazz musicians in Britain.

Check out programme of future sessions here.

Master Classes

Occasionally a professional tutor of particularly high standing may be invited to give a master class  in the afternoon; these are in addition to, and occur after, the normal morning session.

Previous masterclasses have been given by such luminaries as Eric Alexander, Vincent Herring, Harold Mabern, Sheryl Bailey, Billy Hart (a Miles Davis drummer), Alan Barnes, Pete King, John Etheridge, Laurence Cottle, Mark Nightingale, Jim Mullen, Greg Abate and John Parricelli, among others.

Afternoon Master Classes are priced individually, but are usually in the region of £20.00.

Check out some reports on previous Master Classes here.


We meet at the William Collyn Community Centre in Cambridge, England/UK.

Find directions here.

Contact Us

If you have a question that is not answered in our FAQ, please feel free to e-mail us here.