November 29, 2014: Nic France

Many thanks to Nic France for a great session in which we covered:

Recordame” by Joe Henderson
Boogie Stop Shuffle” by Charlie Mingus
A Night in Tunisia” by Dizzy Gillespie and Frank Paparelli

A lot of playing got done in this session, with Nic marshalling the troops to great effect providing us with appropriate bass lines, intros and the like to a great selection of tunes.

Many thanks to Nic for an enjoyable session.


March 9, 2013: Nic France

Many thanks to ace drummer Nic France for a great session in which we covered:

Mannenberg” by Abdullah Ibrahim
“Another Star” by Stevie Wonder
“Deluge” by Wayne Shorter

As a warm up, Nic treated us to the gentle composition “Mannenburg” taught to us by ear through the use of the Melodica that he usually brings along. This is a simple melody over a simple four chord vamp.

The tune “Another Star”, familiar to many members of the co-op, didn’t provide too many issues and everyone enjoyed playing over it.

The great Wayne Shorter penned “Deluge” was played after the break. This is a tricky composition containing lots of #11 chords and apparent shifts in key that obviously created some issues with the co-op.

Thanks again to Nic for a great session.