Frequently Asked Questions

Please check the FAQ before contacting us.

Q: What time do you meet?

A: We meet Saturdays at 10:30am finishing at 1:00pm, including a short refreshments break.

It’s a good idea to always check the programme page to make sure the event is on or hasn’t changed, before setting out. We also have a FaceBook page which you are welcome to ‘like’, and get last-minute, updated or advance information from:

Q: Where do you meet?

A: We  meet at The William Collyn Community Centre. (Click on link for full details/map/postcode.)

Q: What equipment is available at the Jazz Co-op?

A: None. The venue is a reasonably sized room and there are power points, but no other facilities. Electric instruments will need to bring an amplifier and associated leads and, to be safe, mains extension cables. Everyone brings what they need to make music, including  music stands – nothing is provided. Please do NOT ask if you can share the use of another musician’s instruments: this is unfair on the people who want to play (especially those who have managed to bring in their own drum-kit or keyboard).

Q: Can I just turn up?

A: Yes, indeed. Feel free to just turn up on the day. For your first visit you are welcome to have a listen to us to determine whether the Jazz Co-op is for you. If you turn up with an instrument and join in, you will be asked for £20.00 for the session.

Q: What standard do I need to be?

A: There are no official minimum standards, but to get the most out of the co-op you probably should be at least Grade 5 on your instrument, be able to read the tune and/or interpret the chords on a lead sheet and be able to improvise to some extent.

You will certainly get much more out of it if you know your basic scales and arpeggios, too.

Q: Can I sit back and listen when the going gets tough?

A: There’s no requirement for you to play the head or solo if you don’t want to; you can do both, one or the other (or neither) depending on how confident you feel. This is a supportive co-op and its intention is to help you improve as a jazz performer, not to criticize your current level or ability in any way. You can even just attend as a listener!

Q: Are you a big band?

A: Categorically NOT!  Although many of the co-op members have their own groups, or play in a variety of bands, the Jazz Co-op is NOT a performance unit, merely a collection of people interested in playing jazz and getting some tuition from first class tutors. The line-up and turnout varies widely from week to week depending on who turns up.

Q: I play the banjo: can I attend?

A: No. Likewise ocarina and hurdy-gurdy players may well feel cruelly marginalised, but we do have limits, after all. However we have an oboist and had a tap-dancer as regular attendees.

Q: Is there parking?

A: There is ample, free car-parking at the side of the The William Collyn Community Centre.