March 15, 2014: Roland Perrin

Many thanks to Roland Perrin for an enjoyable session in which we covered:

“Descarga Ardendo” by Roland Perrin
“Carioquinha” By Roland Perrin

The session started with a great composition penned by Roland “Descarga Ardendo” (Burning Discharge?) which had written sections interspersed with open ended ones of improvisation performed over a great groove that alternated between Csus7 and C7. Everyone got a good bit of soloing over this one.

The second Roland Perrin composition “Carioquinha” was a lot trickier with a non-stop stream of notes testing the sight reading skills of the front-line (which seemed to cope admirably).

Thanks again to Roland for bringing along two greatly enjoyable compositions and educating us in the way of the clave.