December 20, 2014: Sam Bullard

Many thanks to Sam Bullard for an interesting session in which we covered:

Bernie’s Tune” by Bernie Miller
Reunion” by Gerry Mulligan

Bernie’s Tune” was taught to us by ear before sheets were handed out. We were also taught a phrase to play over the first two chords that highlighted the transition between the D- and Bb7#11 in the first two chords, using the F melodic minor for the latter.

Reunion” is a contrafact on “There will never be another you“, the melody to which is almost exclusively diatonic to Eb major. Sam made us all improvise solos using only Eb major which forces you to be more melodic rather than you might otherwise be.

[Full report unavailable, Christmas got in the way]

Many thanks to Sam for and enjoyable session as always.