Nov 14, 2015: Martin Hathaway

In this session we covered:

“Woody’n You” by Dizzy Gillespie

Martin was encouraged by the co-op to give us something with some harmonic challenge, to which he came up with “Woody’n You” which he states doesn’t come up much because “it’s too hard”.

The tune was learnt by ear until we could perform the head comfortably.

We discussed strategies to improvisation over this composition, the first of which was to use the melody. A few brave members volunteered to show this in action.

Martin had given us some worksheets earlier in the week and we discussed some aspects on that, in particular some guide tone lines that could be used in the A section. Again some volunteers were found to try this out.

We also tried playing all the guide tone lines simultaneously creating something akin to a big-band backing.

Many thanks to Martin for an enjoyable session.